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"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."   -Pablo Picasso



While living in Donostia, not where paella is from... and working at Restaurante Arzak, where paella is not on the menu... Nicolai learned to make paella...

Sunday mornings, after a long work week and losing sleep in Parte Viaja the night before, his roommate a chef from Valencia where paella is king, would make paella. When eating he'd swoon at what the simple ingredients turned into. When complementing the Chef how amazing it was he would reply, "oh... but you should try my father's".


The simplicity of ingredients make paella a hard dish to make correct, let alone master. There isn't cheese or cream to lean on. It relies on layers of flavor and thickening of the stock with the rice. The only way to learn to make it delicious is through repetition of technique. 

Nicolai has been practicing his paella ever since Spain and is now offering his favorite way of getting his friends and family together in hopes to share the experience and joy with others.


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